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Snaffle Bit, Blue Steel Curved Elliptical Link

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Snaffle Bit, Blue Steel Curved Elliptical Link

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  • Snaffle

The snaffle bit creates direct pressure without leverage on the mouth.  The mouthpiece of the bit acts on the tongue and bars of the mouth (severity depends on the style) and the sides of the jawbone. The loose rings allow the bit to move around within the horse's mouth, which encourages further softening and mouthing. When the rein aids are relaxed it allows the Loose Ring to distribute immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure, as the bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse's mouth thus rewarding a correct response.

  • Elliptical Link

The elliptical joint is an oval shaped link in the center of the mouthpiece, which is movable and rolls around the stainless steel center. The two joints allow the pressure of the bit is distributed over both the tongue and bars of the mouth and it shouldn’t cause any interference with the roof of the mouth. The link uses tongue pressure to encourage the horse to go on the bit and lower the head. 

  • Sweet Iron

The sweet iron bits are made of steel and have a familiar blue color.  When the sweet iron comes in contact with moisture it oxidises and creates a sweet taste.  This encourages saliva production which leads to more chewing activity that will build up and thus creates acceptance of the bit.


Size 5.25" or 5.5" or 5" or 6"

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