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Beval Bit with Brass Elliptical Link

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Beval Bit with Brass Elliptical Link

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Ideal for lead rein and ridden pony classes, the Bevel Bit offers a balance of control and comfort, making it particularly suitable for children riders. Its mild nature provides just the right amount of guidance while maintaining the pony's outline, encouraging proper head carriage, and promoting responsiveness in the ring.

Crafted from high-quality brass, the elliptical mouthpiece not only stimulates salivation but also encourages a softer mouth feel. This natural lubrication helps to promote relaxation and acceptance of the bit, ensuring a more enjoyable riding experience for both horse and rider.

The elliptical link snaffle design features a rounded central piece, minimizing pressure on sensitive areas such as the tongue, bars of the mouth, and palate. By reducing discomfort and encouraging a softer contact, this bit promotes harmony and communication between horse and rider.

Whether you're competing in various disciplines or simply enjoying leisurely rides, the Bevel Bit with Brass Elliptical Mouth is a popular choice for its gentle yet effective design. Experience the difference in your horse's comfort and performance with this exceptional equestrian tool.


Size 5.5" or 5"

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