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Breedz Spot & Stain Remover

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Breedz Spot & Stain Remover

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A superior luxury ready-to-use dry shampoo used to assist in spot cleaning on horses for those times when bathing is not convenient. Essential when at high-end sports events like dressage, show jumping and various other equestrian sports. A spot and stain remover specifically formulated to remove manure, urine spots, wet and dried sweat, as well as grime, dirt, grass, dust and any other stains. Its unique formulation makes it gentle and non-irritating on the skin and ensures a show finish.

BREEDZ SPOT & STAIN REMOVER is for external use only. Although it is a mild and gentle detergent, contact to the eyes should be avoided.

BREEDZ SPOT & STAIN REMOVER is readily biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe to use on various animals. pH Balanced and can be used frequently.

Alcohol, Paraben and Sulphide free.


Shake well before use. Wipe, brush or scrape all excess waste from affected area before application. Gently rub out stains with a damp towel. Spray directly onto stain and be sure to cover stained area properly. Depending on the amount sprayed, wait a few minutes to allow BREEDZ SPOT & STAIN REMOVER to penetrate before using a sponge, damp or dry cloth to wipe away the stain. Make sure to wipe away in direction of hair growth.

Dry the area as best you can to leave horse coat in clean show condition.

500ml Spray Bottle


Size 500 ml

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