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Bovasol Eezi Fiber

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Bovasol Eezi Fiber

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Eezi fibre is super low in carbohydrates and sugars and so is a suitable feed for laminitic horses, horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), insulin resistant (IR) horses, and those with Cushings Disease (PPID). Eezi fibre can be used as a partial replacement for hay, or as a partial replacement for grains. This is convenient for horses prone to tying up, as some of the carbohydrate portion of the diet can be replaced with fibre on rest days to reduce the risk of tying up when normal work is resumed, without reducing energy supply. Eezi Fibre absorbs its volume in water, so it can be used to assist with hydration. Mixed with warm water it makes a useful warming mash during cold weather.


Eezi Fibre can be fed as a supplement to a feed, or as a full feed, so there is no specific answer to the question of how much to feed. Eezi Fibre can practically be fed at rates of 2.5 kg per horse per day or even more. Some of the more common applications of Eezi Fibre are:

  • Use as a partial to full replacement for high grain meals, without compromising protein supply and quality*
  • Use as a feed bulker 100% or more of the weight of the grain diet can be added to bulk up each feed.
  • Eezi Fibre will absorb its volume in water when soaked so it is also useful to assist rehydration of competition horses. Because of its water holding capacity, the presence of Eezi Fibre in the GIT will assist in the maintenance of hydration during long duration competition like endurance riding
  • Eezi Fibre can replace half of the concentrates in hard working horses on rest days. Because of its low carbohydrate content, replacing concentrates on rest days will reduce the risk of tying up when work recommences
  • Use as a soft nutrient source for horses recovering from surgery or illness
  • Use as a base of a low carbohydrate diet for horses prone to laminitis, or those with PSSM or EMS
  • Use as a carrier for supplements for easy-keepers or grass fed horses
  • Use to maintain condition in horses with compromised dentition.
  • Use to assist in transition from high grain diets in OTTBs
  • Soak with hot water to use as a warming mash Eezi Fibre is well balanced in macro-minerals so will not have the detrimental effects associated with bran mashes.
  • Use as a conditioner for thin horses

Eezi Fibre can be fed wet or dry, but due to its ability to expand when wet, when feeding large quantities of Eezi Fibre it would be advisable to feed it wet. Eezi fibre expands quickly so it is ready to feed in a minute.


Size 20 kg

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