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Back2Basics ImmunoHoof

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Back2Basics ImmunoHoof

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ImmunoHoof is a mineral supplement, designed for South African conditions, containing zinc, copper and magnesium - three essential minerals that are often deficient in horse rations. It can be fed with a wide range of horse diets from 100% pasture and hay based diets right through to high concentrate rations. It is highly recommended that horses with any immune issues, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, seedy toe, thrush, mud fever, rain scald, weak hoof walls, arthritis and bleached coats receive ImmunoHoof.

High iron levels in horse feeds and forages interfere with the uptake of zinc and copper from the diet and may result in iron overload or zinc and copper deficiency. ImmunoHoof provides high levels of zinc and copper, in the correct ratio, to counteract high iron intakes.

Zinc and copper are critical to hoof wall strength, immune function, skin, coat and joint health as well as being powerful antioxidants. Even in cases of mild zinc and copper deficiencies, the immune system can be compromised reducing the horse’s ability to fight off infections and preventing sufficient anti-body formation to vaccinations. Magnesium plays a large role in many aspects of metabolism and can assist with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Horses receiving ImmunoHoof may show better coat and hoof growth, darkening of coat and hooves, stronger hoof wall growth, reduction in thrush, less depressive behavior, improved exercise tolerance, better learning ability and train ability.


Size 1 kg Refill or 2.5 kg Refill or 5 kg Refill

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